10 Year Warranty - Polyethelene Tanks


Tankworld poly tanks have a warranty to the original purchaser for a period of 10 (ten) years against faulty workmanship or materials provided the following is carried out:


• Tie down the tank on delivery. Do not store the tank on its side for an extended period of time.

• To retain the compacted base retaining beams must be provided to stop material washing away and site becoming unstable. Crusher dust compacted or road base compacted is recommended. The installation of any tank on fill is not recommended, as over time subsidence may occur causing the tank to distort.

• The number of inlet pipes, their sizes and capacities must equal the number of overflow pipes, their sizes and capacities.

• Overflow must be piped away from the tank base to prevent erosion of the site.

• Correct tank site preperation, as well as preservation is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

• Do not allow the tank site to deteriorate after installation due to any form of erosion.

• Tank outlets must not be subjected to any undue force.

• The period of 10 (ten) years guarantee is for water tanks in NORMAL DOMESTIC situations and 5 (five) years for other product commences from the date of delivery.

• Tanks purchased for the use of potable water storage at ambient temperature and restricted to that purpose only. Storage of materials other than water in the tank will void this warranty. Some products manufactured by Tankworld Tasmania are not compliant with the plumbing code of Tasmania May 2013 version.

• The warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the tank at the discretion of Tankworld.

• The warranty is granted to the original purchaser only and is not binding on any heirs or successors in title thereof.

• The manufacturer will not be liable for any consequential losses including loss of profits or damage to property.

• The warranty does not apply to the colour which may fade or change. If drinking water notice becomes faded, damaged or illegible new notice’s can be purchased from Tankworld Tasmania.

• The warranty is void and will not be binding upon the manufacturer where any physical abuse, improper installation, unsound base, unauthorised modifications have occurred to the tank, any load at all upon the tank from external fittings(ie. Pipework) or the site is not level. This can cause wall or roof distortion in the tank and is not covered by warranty. Please note the tank must have a 30cm flexible hose fitted as per instructions contained here within.

• The warranty is only binding upon the manufacturer if notified of the defect or fault within 7 (seven) days of it occurring and where the manufacturer has been given the opportunity to inspect the tank within 28 (twenty eight) days of such notification.

• Outlets or gate valves must be installed above ground or tank warranty is void.

• The warranty on the strainer, outlet, gate valve and overflow is 12 (twelve) months only.

• Tankworld truck drivers are employed to deliver water tanks to your property. They are to, where physically possible, place the tanks onto a flat, level site which should be provided. They are to cut in an outlet and overflow. Any duties other than the above carried out by the driver at the customers request is the sole responsibility of that customer NOT the Tankworld driver.

• Poly water tanks may only be installed to a maximum of 400mm in ground. Standard water tanks will not be covered by warranty if installed deeper than 400 mm. This is recommended by the manufacturer of the raw material. All polyethylene raw material is compliant with AS:4766.

• Inlet pipes must be braced and bear no load onto any part of the tank or inlet strainer, any load placed onto the tank due to the weight of inlet pipes will void warranty.

• Warranty is void and will not be binding upon

• The purchaser acknowledged, having fully read and understood the contents of this warranty and agrees to be bound thereby. A docket will be produced upon delivery for you to sign to acknowledge all of the above. This must be signed and returned with the delivery driver or all warranties will be null and void.


NOTE - under no circumstances should any person ever enter the confined space of a water tank


Tasmanian Plumbing Code May 2013 Version;

NOTE - All cold water storage tanks used in drinking water installations from 1st July 2013 must comply with part B1, B2 inclusive of appendix C of this code. Tanks made compliant with this standard are covered by the following statement;

“This tank has been manufactured for the storage of drinking water and all materials are suitable for contact with drinking water.”