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Tankworld Tasmania

900L Cube Water Cartage Tank - Blue

900L Cube Water Cartage Tank - Blue


Made to Australia Standard AS/NZS1546.1
Light weight yet extremely strong and durable
15 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Tank Features

Robust design and manufactured from impermeable polypropylene that outlasts concrete, Everhard Septic Tanks provide a lifetime of safe and reliable use.

Everhard has been manufacturing polymer septic tanks for more than 20 years. To meet the exacting requirements of ASNZS1546.1, we use high grade virgin polypropylene. Being
manufactured from polypropylene, these tanks are impervious to attack from moisture, corrosion, are recyclable and can last for over 100 years.

We now manufacture our tanks in eucalyptus green polymer to assure our customers that we use virgin polymer (raw material) in our septic tanks. Green polymer also provides added protection against ultraviolet light.The Everhard polymer septic tank provides great advantages in ease of transportation, handling and installation.

Weighing under 150kg, the tank can be easily positioned and installed by a plumber or drainer without requiring mechanical lifting equipment.  The tanks can also be stacked in nests, providing a major freight cost benefit.


Delivery within Tasmania (delivery Terms & Conditions apply).

Standard Inclusions

Inlet / Oulet & Baffle

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  • Specifications

    More details measurements, fitting locations and provisions download the spec. sheet below.

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  • Installation Instructions

    It is important that your new tank is installed on a suitable based, follow these installation instructions.

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  • Delivery

    For important information regarding the delivery of your new tank check the delivery information here.

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