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Atlas Filtri

Atlas Filter Cartridge - 5 Mic Pleated 20" Big

Atlas Filter Cartridge - 5 Mic Pleated 20" Big

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5 Micron Pleated Coarse Sediment Filter 20" Big


  • Sediment Filters are used to remove particles from water and protect downstream taps etc from clogging
  • Sediment cartridges are resistant to attack by bacteria and chemicals and are suitable for a wide range of applications, including domestic, commercial and industrial.
  • Suits 20" Big / Jumbo Filter Housings
Technical Specifications
Brand Atlas Filtri
Product Type Polyspun Filters
Flow Rate (L/min) 67
Material Polypropylene
Nominal Micron Rating 1
Min Temp (degrees celsius) 4
Max Temp (degrees celsius) 80
Filter 20" Big

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