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Atlas Filtri

Atlas Filtri Big F Pro 256 UV System Inc. 20" Big Prefilters w/ Carbon

Atlas Filtri Big F Pro 256 UV System Inc. 20" Big Prefilters w/ Carbon

Big F Pro Series UV

The Big F Pro series UV kits are all Italian Made Plug and Play UV units.
The included Italian pre-filters reduce sediment to prevent it from sheltering bugs from the UV light. The Italian UV chamber eliminates harmful pathogens, including bacteria, protozoa (parasites) and some viruses and features an IP54 rated controller.

The units come pre-plumbed, with a single inlet/outlet, mounted on a single bracket under a lockable cover which can protect the unit from weather.

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Big F Pro 256 Specifications

Flow Rate/Dose: 70lpm@30mJ/cm2

Filter Cartridge 1: TS 20 Micron Pleated 20” Big(Order 807308)

Filter Cartridge 2: CPP 1 Micron Polyspun 20” Big (Order 807300)Power Consumption 61Watts

Power Cable Length: 2m

Inlet/Outlet: 1” BSPF Inlet / 1” BSPM Outlet

UV Reactor Material: 304 Stainless Steel

UV Reactor/Controller Protection Class: IP54

Shipping Weight: 22kg

Measurements: (Height x Width x Depth)806mm x 722mm x 205mm

Product Features

  • Eco-Friendly, Chemical Free Disinfection
  • Italian Made
  • IP54 Rated Control Panel
  • Digital Monitor Display
  • Lamp Life Counter
  • Acoustic Alarm for Lamp Replacement
  • Lockable, Weather Resistant Cover
  • High Max Pressure Rating of 8.3bar
  • Reversible Mounting, choose your flow direction

Product Benefits

  • Safe, chemical free, disinfected Water which protects the health of you and your family from harmful microorganisms.
  • Italian made means Quality.
  • The lockable weather resistant cover protects your unit from children, vandalism and can be installed where you need it most.
  • The reversible mounting means you can have a tidy install every time, no need to run extra pipe.
  • The digital display and audible alarm keep you safe by letting you know if your lamp is working and when it needs to be changed.
  • The pre-plumbed configuration means a quick, easy, tidy looking installation and you can be sure that you have the correct size filters in relation to the UV.
  • 1. Mains Water Treatment

    A. Municipal Water Inlet

    B. BIG F PRO

  • 2. Rain Water Treatment

    A. Prefiltration Net

    B. Tank

    C. Pump

    D. BIG F PRO

  • 3. Treated Bore Water

    A. Borehole Pump

    B. Treatment System

    C. Water Tank

    D. Pump

    E. BIG F PRO

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