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DAB EsyBox Mini3

DAB EsyBox Mini3

0.85kW, 1.1hp, 240V, max hd 55m, max flow 80L/m, 8 taps. Ports 1”BSPF In, 1” BSPF Out


  • Small to Large Homes up to 3 floors, 2 bathrooms, 50m2 of Garden


  • 4 Years
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DAB EsyBox Mini3 Specifications

Brand: DAB Pumps

Product Type: Pressure System

Suitable For: Clean Water

Bar: 5 Bar

Approval: Approved For Drinking Water

Flow Rate (L/min): 80 L/min

Hp: 1.1 Hp

kPa: 500 kPa

Kilo Watts: 0.85 kW

Max Head (m): 50 m

Port Size Inlet: 1" BSPF inlet

Port Size Outlet: 1" BSPF outlet

Powered: Electric

Taps: 8 Taps

Warranty (months): 48 Months

Volts: 240 V

Watts: 850 W

Product Features

E.SYBOX MINI3 is the DAB compact automatic pressurisation system for the water supply of a single dwelling. E.SYBOX MINI3 guarantees the comfort of constant pressure (Pressure Set Point adjustable from 1 up to 5,5 bar) inside the system, and energy savings thanks to the inverter technology. Suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems, and in gardening applications.

E.SYBOX MINI3 is an integrated system for water pressure boosting in domestic and residential applications. Consists of self-priming multistage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flowsensors, a high-resolution LCD orientable display and integrated expansion vessel of 1 litre.

E.SYBOX MINI3 does not require any additional components for its installation


  • Energy saving Variable Speed Technology allows this pump to be used in a wide range of applications from small to large.
  • Small to Large Homes up to 3 floors, 2 bathrooms, 50m2 of Garden
  • 8 Tap applications.

Better Energy Savings

Guarantees the comforts and savings of constant pressure (Set Point adjustable from 1 to 5.5 bar) in the system and up to 130 dollars a year* savings on energy bills thanks to the inverter technology.

Constant Pressure

Thanks to inverter technology, once you have set the desired pressure, e.sybox mini3maintains a constant pressure to all the water outlets served.

Ultra Low Noise

The special water cooled motor, the inverter, the sound absorbing hulls, and the anti-vibration legs make the e.sybox mini3booster set the second quietest booster pump on the market after it’s big brother e.sybox.