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Icon 700 L SF Sewer Pump Station

Icon 700 L SF Sewer Pump Station

700 Litre Sewer Pump Station Pump Well -  - Single Free Standing Kit C/W Grinder Pump & High level Alarm..

Single Dwellings
Pump-away applications
Basement pump-away

Liquid Handled:
Raw Sewage

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700 L Tank Specifications

Diameter: 1050mm

Total Height: 1100mm

  • Polyethelene Tank

    Lightweight construction extra strong polyethylene in ground tank.

    • Inlet to be installed by plumber.
    • All in-tank fittings incorporated in the packaged pump station inc. ball and non-return valves, barrel unions, PVC interconnecting pipework.
  • Bianco 1.5kw Grinder Pump

    Free Standing Vertical Discharge Pump. The B120GS2 is a new generation of hybrid cutter/grinder pump for use in waste water applications containing soft solids. The pump is capable of cutting and grinding various materials for pumping to sewer mains or treatment facility.

  • Bianco NXT iALARM

    Includes: 10m low voltage float switch with counterweight, audible and visible alarm and high/low level alarm push button selectable.

  • Specifications

    More details measurements, fitting locations and provisions download the spec. sheet below.

    Specification Sheet 
  • Installation Instructions

    It is important that your new tank is installed on a suitable based, follow these installation instructions.

    Installation Instructions 
  • Delivery

    For important information regarding the delivery of your new tank check the delivery information here.

    Delivery Information