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Rain Harvesting

Maelstrom Original Filter W/ Plastic Cage

Maelstrom Original Filter W/ Plastic Cage

The Maelstrom® Filter's advanced design combines super-fine filtration and super-high water catchment efficiency to give you cleaner rainwater and more of it.

The unique U-shaped, twin stage filter keeps even the tiniest debris out of your tank while allowing massive volumes of water to flow through. The Maelstrom® range are the ultimate solutions for pre-tank filtration.

Capture massive amounts of water

Minimal splashing and high water catchment to deliver up to 96% at 10L/second (2.5Gal/sec) to your tank.

Ultra Fine Filtration

Removes particles down to 180 microns – That's five times smaller than standard tank screen!

Keep out sunlight

The closed design keeps out sunlight - this prevents algae growth in your tank.
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