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Rain Harvesting

Maelstrom® Original Filter with Shark Cage

Maelstrom® Original Filter with Shark Cage

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The Maelstrom® Original with Shark Cage Filter delivers massive amounts of water to your tank. The single skin Shark Cage uses super-fine filtration to block leaves and debris, keeping your water clean.

The Shark Cage Filter is the step up from the Maelstrom® Original – it’s incredibly easy to clean and handles higher flow rates of water – which means more water in your tank.

Maximum Efficiency

Even more efficient water capture than a standard Maelstrom®. The single skin, stainless steel cage, allows debris to be pushed to the side so you catch as much water as possible.

Ultra Fine Filtration

Removes particles down to 180 microns – That's five times smaller than standard tank screen!

Minimal Maintenance

The unique design of the Shark Cage means that debris is pushed by the incoming water, and when debris loads start to build, it will start to self-eject leaves from the filter.

Stainless Steel Cage

The Shark Cage is built from stainless steel. It's tough and it'll last.

Keep out sunlight

The closed design keeps out sunlight - this prevents algae growth in your tank.
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